Legal Non-Violent Minor Offences And The Law

Legal Non-Violent Minor Offences occur when the offender breaks the law but he or she does not necessarily do so in a dangerous and harmful manner. The offender may not be charged for the offence if it does not occur more than a couple of times but there are many factors to take into account.

Because of the fact that these offences are often not harmful to the public or the perpetrator, they are thought of as against the law but on a slightly more superficial level. Often these crimes are committed by normally law abiding citizens who do not continue with their life of crime.

There are many examples of this kind of minor offence. A person who is caught by the police with a tiny amount of Marijuana in his possession might not be charged because he or she does not intend to sell it and the amount is too small to be considered dangerous.

Another example of a non violent minor offence would be someone with no drug related history being caught under the influence of a drug such as Marijuana. This person must have no intention to sell the drug and he or she does must not have a large amount in his or her possession.

A person who steals from a shop is another example. Someone who steals a toothbrush, for example, and who had no previous record might not be thought of as a risk to society and might not be charged with the offence. This also depends on the amount stolen from the shop.

This all depends on the shop keeper and not only the police. Should the shop keeper decide that he or she wants to press charges then the person might still be charged but only with a non violent minor offence and only if the person has no previous record of theft.

If the person admits to the minor offence and the police believe that it might not happen again then the police might only give the offender an official warning which will be kept on file should it occur again. The person will not be officially charged but only on certain conditions.

Often these offences are committed by young people who have their entire lives ahead of them. They do not always think clearly about the consequences of their actions and the law takes this into account as long as the actions did not harm them or the people involved.

Should the traffic ticket Toronto Markham offender be charged with a non violent offence, he or she might be given a punishment such as community service instead of imprisonment. This depends on the amount of times the person has been charged with this offence. First time offenders are often let off lightly.

Community service might involve cleaning roads or helping others at a soup kitchen which is organized by the community. Once the given hours are completed the offender is let off and he or she can continue with his or her life. This is a good way to help the community and the traffic ticket Toronto East offender.

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