Why I Think This Summer Camp Is Best

Who knew when my son turned 10 I would enter the world of Summer Camps in WI,. I knew it was going to be more than a summer of trips to the zoo, baseball and television but I had no idea how wonderful Summer Camp was going to be for my son.

My son, currently 15, has attended Swift Nature Camp for four years and we are going to send him back for as long as we can. He loves it. He has ADHD and is very smart, but has trouble at school with attention-seeking ploys.

The counselors and directors at SNC have a great, hands-on approach to leadership, social skills development and confidence-building.

Jeff and Lonnie, along with enthusiastic counselors, provide an atmosphere that encourages positive life skills to be developed. My son has grown so much for his time at SNC. Today he has greater peer understanding and empathy, better self-confidence and trust, his leadership skills increased, an understanding of group dynamics and fair process and many other valuable relational skills.

I felt nervous, but it was really worth it! As I talked to Lonnie over the phone and I realized that the Discovery Camp a program designed for the First Time Camper was best for me and my son.

The Directors willingness to discuss any question I had and their understanding of my fears made the decision easy. My son rode the bus to camp, I got to see first-hand all of the wonderful places he got to explore when I picked him up at the end, so .

During the 8-hour journey home, he was so excited about Swift that I’m not sure he took a breath between stories.

The website of Swift Nature Camp says everything need. To me, I love how the camp is set up. Each cabins houses the same gender and age. They do activities together, including laundry and cabin clean up.

Almost every afternoon the campers can choose a variety of typical camp activities (arts … crafts, archery, swimming, horses and much more). My kid loved going to the Nature Center and learning more about animals.

As an Nature and Animal Camp, Swift Nature Camp is dedicated to awareness and nature preservation. The nature center has microscopes and a zoo. Campers can even bring their own pets from home. All nature programs are hands on and fun.

But what makes this overnight camp experience one my son will remembers for his entire life is the Laughter, Games, Campfires, Food, Sports, Fun, Drama, Singing and friends.

As a parent, I was looking for a general camp nothing ultra specific. Kids at SNC get to be kids and by experiencing all sorts of different activities and a diverse set of campers and counselors, learn more about themselves than at a specialized camp. I was Pleased that it was a Coed Summer Camp, because I believe this only helps the learning.

My son has learned so much from this camp in the four years he has been attending. We have noticed a HUGE difference in his attitude, manners and abilities. He is more mature, pleasant and competent. We would pay any price for the experiences and social education he has gained from SNC.

We used to joke that you can find math, reading, or science tutors but no tutors in social skills. Well we were wrong! This is exactly what my son needed at exactly the right time in his life.

If you are thinking about away-camp for your child, please consider SNC. Primarily I think of it as a non-competitive, confidence-building camp where kids get to be kids. I know it is the best thing we ever did for our son.

A special Thank you to Lonnie and all the magnificent counselors, cooks, nurses, etc. We hope our son returns as a counselor when he is older (it is a new goal)!

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Swift Nature Camp is a non-competitive, traditional Outdoors Overnight Summer Camp. Boys and Girls ages 6-15 enjoy playing in nature, this Science Summer Camps because it is so much more.

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