Top Tips For Creating A Great Nursery

The nursery is a key point of your child’s early development and so it’s important you get the design of it right to keep them safe, interested and secure. One of the most important items you’ll buy for your baby is the crib. They’ll be spending a lot of time in it, so it’s worth getting a good one – high wooden bars are great for keeping your baby secure and you can also paint the wood so it matches your color scheme. A carved headboard is also a nice touch.

A key feature of any nursery is storage. This doesn’t sound amazingly exciting, but if you buy good wooden pieces, like the crib, you can paint them to match the color scheme. It’s vital to invest in a good changing table with built-in storage cupboards where you can store all the essentials involved with having a baby (and they come with a lot of stuff!). A good chest of drawers is also a worthwhile investment for storing clothes and toys, as a sturdy piece will last your child for years.

It’s important to keep dangerous items out of the reach of little children, but it’s also important to make sure they’re stimulated and interested by their environment. Investing in a few good accessories is a great way of doing this – for instance, you could get a mobile made of soft toys to hang above the crib. This looks great and also has a practical use. Similarly, quirky pictures will not only look brilliant on the walls but will keep your child interested for ages.

Every frazzled parent knows it’s a good idea to have somewhere to sit in your child’s nursery for those nights when they just won’t go to sleep. You can build a comfortable armchair into the design of your nursery so you can be both stylish and practical. Also, good armchairs will last ages, so perhaps go for a neutral color such as blue. Not only is this a calming color, but it will match with almost anything, making your armchair a great practical investment.

So, you’ve got some ideas for key pieces of furniture and accessories. The last thing to consider is your color scheme – this shouldn’t be too shocking or jarring as it might distress your baby or prevent them from sleeping, but it can be great to go with a couple of different, complementary colors that will be bright and interesting. Add accents by painting wood a different color or by painting a mural on the wall. Thoughtful touches really can make all the difference, so why not give it a go.

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