How To Prevent Dog Arthritis

Arthritis can affect dogs too. Some people might find this bit of information strange but it is true. Statistic suggests that arthritis is found in about one fifth of dogs more than one year old. This problem is much prevalent in the case of comparatively larger breeds.

This was a blind experiment. Therefore, vets and dog owners had no idea if their dogs were given the real treatment or not. Results came out in the favor of fish oil. It does help. Improvement was seen concerning getting up in six weeks. The ability to walk became better in twelve weeks following the treatment.

You can always look for symptoms. Usually in the case of arthritis, your dog will have trouble walking. Moreover, it would have difficulty getting up especially early in the morning. If you observe these symptoms in your dog, take it to the vet to confirm the diagnosis.

If it indeed turns out to be the case, then start on the treatment. Usually dog health care cost a lot. Nevertheless, there are a few cheap treatment options available for treating arthritis in dogs.

You can go for fish oils. They act the same way as cod liver oil work for humans. These oils lessen the pain in joints and swelling associated with arthritis too.

They are not that difficult to identify. Usually dogs with this problem cannot walk properly. They also experience considerable difficulty in getting onto their feet from the resting position.

These results are very encouraging. Now, you can effectively take care of your dog without having to spend too much. Therefore, if you notice your dog is having trouble with respect to walking; discuss the idea of giving them fish oil supplements with the vet.

Mostly, fish oils supplements used by humans can also be given to dogs. Nevertheless, it is optimal to talk to your vet first on this.

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