HGH Abuse In The World Of Baseball

Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in cases where super athletes find themselves defending against allegations of drug usage. There have been several occasions where a star athlete puts on a great performance, yet its impact is dulled when we discover later that the athlete had extra help from drugs.

Knowing that not all of today’s players are natural, is it possible to compare them to the greatest athletes of yesteryear? It doesn’t seem like there’s any meaningful way to compare athletes from different eras, especially considering that athletes of old accomplished their goals through physical prowess and hard work.

Along with the number of cases of drug use, the number of discontented fans abandoning their favorite sports is increasing as well. Many sports, especially baseball, have seen fans becoming disgusted by the prevalence of drug use and turning away from the sport altogether.

The most recent statistics on baseball game attendance show that ticket sales have gone down by 1-2%. That doesn’t sound like much, but many other sports are seeing their attendance numbers growing. That doesn’t bode well for baseball, and the league is obviously distressed.

However, league officials are taking steps to combat this growing problem. Baseball’s Commissioner, Bud Selig, has been pushing his science advisor to develop a system to test an athlete’s blood for elevated levels of human growth hormone.

Selig’s opinion of HGH is that it doesn’t belong in baseball. Actually, the use of HGH as a performance-enhancing drug is already banned by the Major League Baseball Association, but it can’t be enforced because there is no testing policy in place.

Utilizing the honor system to discourage the use of these drugs doesn’t seem to be a wise idea. It’s only logical that an athlete who uses illegal drugs to get an edge would have no qualms about lying as well.

We get nostalgic when we think about the good old days of baseball. Times were simpler then, and we knew that we could look up to our favorite athletes as people who achieved their success through hard work and determination.

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