Discipline With Empathy

In enforcing discipline, a parent like you might have needed to be reminded that children with compulsive, obsessive behaviors can be difficult to care for because of their anxiety which in turn might arouse anxiety in you. Discipline with genuine understanding is specifically designed to help the child in crisis to recognize and to cope with the immediate recognition of the problem.

Others came to view him and his attitude problems as burdensome and overwhelming, and thus withdrew to protect themselves from the tremendous emotional draining his condition demanded of them. Parents need to guard against expressing rejection and contempt which only adds to the child’s feelings of hopelessness. In order for the parent to be positive in his or her approach, the reassurance he or she offers must be specifically geared to the emotions and feelings being expressed by the child. The difficult here, however, is discovering exactly what these emotions and feelings might be, for generally they are not even realized by the children themselves. Therefore, it frequently becomes a futile pursuit to inquire the child, “What is wrong?” or “Tell me what you are feeling.”

A parent needs a positive approach in order to work things out. Although the child’s distress is evident, it would not be good for a parent to indulge into the distress with negative behaviors of his own because it would interfere with any reasonable and positive approaches that you should promote along the way. Finally, the situation would continue to make the child feel distressed unless countered upon by a positive attitude. He or she may become angry with you.It will be helpful for you to have a clear mind and always remain calm.The training which you would promote would be one which would teach him to adjust to the situation with the reinforcement of positive behaviors. A positive approach is the best and effective way in which the child can live with his or her anxiety at this time.

The substitution of healthier and more acceptable ways of dealing with his anxiety will come, the child through your training. Conventional discipline, in a home setting, can only be punitive and destructive to the patient. The demands made upon the child by the parent must be based on understanding and acceptance of the illness. The environment then can be considered a major part of the total process which is designed to help the child develop healthier modes of expression.

The parent who can enforce discipline with understanding and allows his or herself to consciously feel with distressed patient is able to demonstrate, through role modeling, healthier ways of managing these feelings. This can be of great value to the child in his growth and development.

It would stand to reason that parents should not respond similarly if they find themselves at the same situation. You as a parent should use an approach which is recommended by the experts. They asserted that a patient should empathize with his or her child and understand his needs first. toddler discipline tips

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