Jewelry Repair Added Income For Jewelry Business

You may consider jewelry repair service to be a further earnings for your jewelry business. This may expand your enterprise buy doing repairs with jewelries that have missing handmade glass beads, broken clasps, and partly unstrung. If you’ll notice, many clients are looking for a jewelry repair stand, and sometimes they are misunderstood when they’re going to a jewelry shop.

If you may try to understand them, they just go to jewelry shops asking for repairs because they know that jewelry makers obviously make jewelry, and perhaps they can also do jewelry repair. And the point is, with the craft, tools and experience you have, you may be ready to help your shopper with their wishes as well as increasing your income.

Try and view a repair service and take it as a commissioned work for you, you will get paid by just putting some of your time and effort into repairing some damaged jewelry. Love this work ; in fact you do not have to worry how long your other jewelry will be displayed until they are sold, because at the same time you are also getting money in due to your extra service which is the jewelry repair. If you’re excellent at your craft and know all your jewelry making tools and their proper usage, doing some repairs would be pretty easy for you and always adds that extra bit of earnings as well as becoming know as a great jeweler who goes out their way to provide great service.

A further advantage for you, jewelry repair can give extra credit towards a good name for your business. Just do your repairs well, give your customer an excellent service and trust me good comments will spread about you will spread about. Regularly jewelry repairs take less than an hour and require only a few supplies like some of your bugle beads and thread.

Jewelry repairs may seem quite dull, frustrating, and mundane to some workmen ; but believe me it isn’t, have some fun while doing repairs – this activity can greatly reinforce your experience as an artist. Some of the fun things about jewelry repairs are when correcting damaged vintage rhinestone jewelry to create wire sculpture pendants and earrings ; changing pierced to non-pierced earring clips – this is often delightful and fun because you’ll get to experiment and explore different designs and styles to improve the differences between the two types of earrings. And the good thing is most purchasers just let you keep leftover pieces which you can recycle and use with other stuff.

What lots of jewelry makers forget to inquire about their business is good client service important? From your viewpoint being on time when creating jewelry for customers and making quality pieces will clearly give you a good name. Consider the additional work you would get if you could correct customers jewelry they had bought somewhere else. What a great opportunity to raise your sales by doing easy jewelry repair.

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