Your Best Life Now: Unleashing Your Own Potential By Joel Osteen

Many people have the same opinion when it comes to Joel Osteen’s writing in his book Your Best Life Now. They all say that is more than just the stunning effect of his trademark smile. Indeed, because Your Best Life Now is said to promise to give anyone a good look at what it really is like to live life to the fullest.

Osteen writes Your Best Life Now by laying out seven steps, including Enlarge Your Vision, Discover the Power of Your Thoughts, Find Strength Through Adversity, and Choose to be Happy. The books starts off in the form of Osteen telling a story about him and a friend as they talk of a certain vacation spot in Hawaii. His friend states that he could not think of himself being able to live in such a good place. This statement is then opposed by Osteen by saying that the first step of all things starts by creating a vision of them actually happening.

It was a great start for the book, and a good way for Osteen to open the minds of his readers. By convincing people that they should open their thoughts for possibilities, he both gives them a lifetime advice at the same time preparing them for the upcoming lessons he wish to talk about. The next sections of the book follows on with the same structure of thoughts. However, in one specific chapter, Osteen gives a message about giving our power to God. And even though he had good intention in mind as he wrote this, the outlining of his thought depicts a misleading message that everyone should let go of their responsibilities and just let God take care of everything. But aside from this, Your Best Life Now is written with utmost grace and inspiration.

However, one undeniable reason as to why this book has become a best-seller is that because Joel Osteen has millions upon millions of followers. In fact, some of them are also known personalities themselves. For example, there is Rudy Tomjanovich, the coach of NBA team Los Angeles Lakers. And then there is also Chuck Norris, one of the most admired actors by the present generation.

Osteen has had a lot of televised sermons and talks that have obviously left an impact on a lot of people all over the world. No wonder these regular audiences who acquired themselves a copy of Your Best Life Now will understand Osteen’s message in its fullest form. Then again, what if you are not one of Osteen’s supporters? What if this is the first time you heard of his name? Do you believe you’ll have the same reaction that Osteen’s followers have for his book? Well, you’ll only be able to know if you get a copy of Your Best Life Now and read it yourself.

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