Beauty For Ashes: Learning The True Beauty

First of all, Joyce Meyer wrote Beauty of Ashes as a move to tell her own tale of healing. You may wonder, but Meyer is actually not a stranger when it comes to experiences a lot of degrading problems in her life. And these experiences have led her to a place where she never thought healing would even be possible again. She suffered physical, verbal and sexual abuse for more than thirty years of her life, that it was a complete shock even to her when she grabbed her faith and managed to lift herself up once more with God.

Victims of different kinds of abuse are the main audience of Beauty for Ashes. Through this book, Meyer states that the adversities faced by victims will surely change the way they look at themselves, thinking that they are worthless. But life should not end there. Meyer states her own experiences and story, especially focusing on the idea that she herself had gone through the same adversity that all other victims have. Then she moves to tell how through God, she found herself getting back and picking up where she thought life has stopped.

All of us eventually become victims in life, not always of abuse but of all forms of problems and adversities. And most of the time, the first move for us to deal with problems is to push God away. We start believing that we are alone, but the truth is we are not. And this exact message is what Meyer aims to share to her readers. The past is gone and what was forcibly taken away from us at that time is lost forever, but we still have the present that we can use to reshape our lives in order to have a better future.

In addition, Meyer also discusses the forward topic of seeking revenge. It is understandable how easy it is for victims to think about revenge and getting back at the people who have wronged them. Given the pain they’ve been forced to take, having kind and forgiving thoughts is really hard. But Meyer says that victims should forget about these thoughts, as only God alone has the right to punish wrongdoers

If there would be someone that could really talk about these sensitive things with utmost accuracy and empathy, it is a person who knows the true feeling of going through them. It is admirable how Joyce Meyer decided to help her readers by dissecting her very own personal story in this book. In three words, this books is honest, painful and beautiful. Beauty for Ashes is a must-read for everyone who is struggling to fight a battle with tragedies in their past. You could be an abuse victim yourself or you simply hope to be able to understand the things that these people are going through, then getting a copy of Beauty for Ashes is what’s for you.

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